Our mission



“And there will come the dawn of life in flamboyant clothes,

And poets will sing the praise of our “new fatherland, mighty fatherland”. 

H. Toumanyan

 The active and goal-oriented present is what conditions the future. Future, the establishment of which must be reached through the active participation of the Armenian youth which is in need of support in the course of carrying out this activity. We clearly see the mission of the Youth Foundation of Armenia in this work. It is with all the progressive and constructive initiatives of youth. Irrespective of vocational, political stance and scope of interests, irrespective of whether the Armenian youth is a citizen of RA, dwells within the Armenian Diaspora, in NKR or in Javakhk, the Youth Foundation of Armenia is the defender of their interests and a reliable mentor. It stimulates the consolidation of legal knowledge among youth and the formation of a legislative sphere reinforcing the interests and rights of young people. Within the framework of the programmes implemented, the Foundation goes to all lengths to contribute to the involvement of youth organizations in those processes, since it is convinced that the future of the country is in the hands of the youth. The Foundation also finds that initiatives and active work, especially those implemented by young people, need to be continuously exalted, encouraged and advertised on the way. Only thus it becomes possible to reach the co-involvement of youth into and dissemination of this work, through which the Youth Foundation of Armenia remains true to its mission of fostering the prosperous future of Armenian youth in its fatherland.