According to RA Government decision on July 11 in 2001 "Panarmenian International Youth Center" was founded.  During its 9 year activity "Panarmenian International Youth Center"  organized educational, scentific, cultural, social, health programms. So having realized the importance of these kind of activities the president of the Republic of Armenia on July 9 in 2010 decided to recall "Panarmenian International Youth Center" Youth Foundation of Armenia. This was the start of the initiatives and the everyday work of the foundation. 
The main typicality of Youth Foundation of Armenia is that the foundation equally pays attention to the spheres in which youth has unsolved problems. So the main directions in which the foundation organizes programms are: education and science, social-economic and occupation problems, religious, patriotic and cultural education, international, panarmenian cooperation and healthy lifestyle. Paying special attention to the cultural and spiritual education of the youth, the foundation parallely gives importance to the development of youth initiative. So the foundation also works on these kind of projects and also organizes different grants for the youth. One of the main aims of the foundation is to strenghten the cooperation between Artsakh-Armenia-Diaspora. The foundation during its activities always tries to involve youth organizations, university student councils in different projects which are directed to solve the problems of youth. The geography of the activities of foundation isn't limited. Youth Foundation of Armenia organizes educational, cultural, scientific, health, social projects in Artsakh, in Diaspora, in Javaxkh and cooperates with different Armenian and international organizations. On the basement of foundation activites is discipline, transparency and the clarity of structure. The foundation has two governmental bodies:  Trustee's Council and Executive director.
Though Youth Foundation of Armenia was founded as a result of a special attention of the president of the Republic of Armenia, nevertheless the foundation isn' t the property of any body or celebrity. It is the property of each young Armenian, no matter what political views and interests he has, who believes in future of Armenia, who is sure in his power and has the will to promote the prosperity of his country and to create bright future of Armenia.