Goals, priorities



How Do We Realize Our Mission?

The mission of the Youth Foundation of Armenia is to foster a prosperous future for the Armenian youth in its fatherland needs real guarantees, among which the political stability and economic growth of the Republic of Armenia are top-listed. Hence, among the primary goals of the Foundation are:

  • to support the democratic processes underway in Armenia, the establishment of legality and formation of civil society  
  • to take part in organizing the research, coordination and publication of information on youth sector and youth problems in Armenia and abroad,   
  • to organize the dissemination and presentation of Armenian cultural, scientific-educational and historical legacy abroad, to support talented young people,
  • to contribute to the development of the legislative framework laying down the interests and rights of youth as well as to the involvement of youth organizations in the referred process,
  • to contribute to the strengthening of ties between Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian Diaspora, elaboration and implementation of joint programmes,
  • to take part in the implementation of programmes aimed at the resolution of major issues relating to the environmental, health, mass media and publishing activities, youth social protection, sports, youth employment, professional orientation, formation and training as well as other relating issues.

Ways to Reach the Goals

  •  cooperation with similar local and international organizations, NGO-s,
  • organizing concerts of celebrities in the world of art,
  • provision of grants,
  • implementation of youth programmes,
  • dissemination of Armenian cultural heritage abroad,
  • establishment of youth educational centres and organizations, provision of moral and financial aid to these centres through various charity programmes,
  • cooperation with state and local self-government bodies, participation in the implementation of state programmes,
  • organizing of leisure and recreation activities for the youth,
  • development and implementation of educational programmes, provision of legal and psychological consultancy on issues relating to the youth.